Kyse Perfumes: Gourmand lovers’ heaven

Ready to share my thought and impressions about cutest discovery set ever by indi perfumery brand Kyse created and operated by an absolutely talented american perfumeur Terri Bozzo.

Named after desserts, having notes of chocolate, caramel, whipped cream and murshmallows, these perfumes are not simple and childish. Every gourmand lover must try them and even those who’s not keen on gourmand in perfumery can also find something interesting.

All other photos here were stolen from Fragrantica.

So what I was able to try:

Vertigo Ciur

The accord is leather, green notes, floral notes, caramel, vanilla and musk.

I expected that leathery caramel but it appeared to be a very balsamic alcohol. Slightly sweet, deep and dark. I smell some dry fruits like pruns or cherry.
Vanille Debauche.

Official accord is bourbon vanilla, beeswax, boozy notes, amber, dried fruits, woody notes and tobacco.

For me it starts with a sour note of dry fruits but soon the composition goes dry woody and balsamic. Despite the name I can’t smell any vanilla. This perfume is different from others, has no that specific base at all. It’s not sweet and even slightly bitter. Sometimes I can smell something like dry black tea or tobacco.
Bois de Santal

The compositions is sandalwood, cedar, wheat, boletus edulis, cacao and earthy notes.

It’s very unusual as it smells mushrums in milky sandalwood and cacao. Savoury again but still gourmand. Delicate and cozy. It’s nice to wear it on the scarf.
Sucre et Fleurs

The composition includes jasmine, lily, green notes, pistachio, honey, olibanum, vanilla, cedar and benzoin.

It’s all about honey. Honey and flowers, probably lilly. Still sweet but not confectory (actually, all my honey perfumes don’t smell like sweets). Sometimes I can recognise a nutty note of pistacho but basicaly all smell is honey. It’s like a world from a bee’s point of view: it consists only of flowers full of nectar and honey.
Doucer Brulee.

Notes: lemon, caramel, butter, coconut milk, beeswax, oakmoss, ambroxan and musk.

Oooh, this is 200% gourmand. Burned caramel and cream, that’s a very realistic smell of creme brulee. Although, after a while the composition goes more calm and less bright, just a very tasty smell.
Elegance Sombre

Here we are promissed the notes of birch leaf, licorice, orange, cacao, butter, bourbon vanilla, artemisia, oakmoss, coffee, benzoin and patchouli.

It smells like a cup of mocha. Dark dark bitter chocolate and a hint of coffee. As it opens the dark chocolate goes stronger but still it’s not a mono fragrance of a chocolate bar but a bitter-sweet composition with some spicy nuance.
Oui Plus!

The composition includes notes of graham cracker (if only I have tried this!), marshmallow, cacao absolute, peru balsam, styrax, patchouli and a hint of burnt coffee.

It is the most chocolate in the range.  Comparing to Chocolade Greedy which, in my view, is the standart of cholocale in the perfumery, Oui Plus! is more sophisticated and complex. This is not a cookie from a supermarket, it’s a hand-made dessert with notes of alcohol and honey. It’s not as powerful as Greedy and won’t fill up the room or follow you along the street 😄
Confit de Rose

The fragrance features Moroccan rose, plum, red berries, creamy notes, graham cracker and chocolate.

It’s obviously a rose perfume. It’s a delicate beautiful rose sprinkled by cacao. It will change while it stays on your skin, sometimes more roses, sometimes more chocolate. This one is also very gourmand, although, it’s not about cookies and candies, no.
Frollino Lavanda

The accord is notes of lavender, sugar, butter, caramel, beeswax, vanilla and blackberry.

Frollino Lavanda reminds me of lavender farms on the South Island. Imagine silence, chilly air of the mountains, lines of lavender, white iron lace table on the terrace, an old-style English cup of tea and a just baked crumbly lavender biscuit. My favourite lavender so far. It’s fresh, and bright, and nicely married with chocolate and pastry nuances.
Crema di Lime

The accord is whipped cream, lime, cognac, bamboo and hay.

Looking at the accords I expected a kind of lemon megengue. Although, it’s a fresh note of slightly sweetened lemon with herbal and a tiny hint of alcoholic nuances.
Mandorlo Cioccolato.

The fragrance features almond, white flowers, orange, cacao, butter, bourbon vanilla, artemisia, oakmoss, coffee, benzoin and patchouli.

Almond with flowers in a light cacao cloud and pachuli base. Beautiful, very balanced gourmad and floral perfume. I can’t smell orange neither coffee, such a shame! But still complex composition.


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