Shortly about 4 Comptoir Sud Pacifique samples

Recently got 4 EDT samples by Comptoir Sud Pacifique and still can’t understand if the problem is their concentration or 2 of them are really that weird or I’ve just bought a fake.

I planned trying some perfumes by CSP a long time ago. I have had only one sample of Vanille Abricot since my very first orded at luckyscent and I can’t say I love or hate it. It’s just a dry vanilla with a hint of something sour (unriped apricote?). I don’t like wearing it as it is very much so I found out experimentally that VA perfectly matches Serge Lutens’ Five O’Clock Au Gingembre.



At list this one is genuine.

I was so interested in trying Coco Figue and Aqua Motu and was seeking for it at different sources but the problem was that very few retellers have these two and fewer of them ship perfumes to New Zealand. Drawbacks of living on an island in the middle of  the Pacific, huh. Finally, I decided to order at ebay. By that time I had some more fragrances by CSP on my wishlist.


Top notes: fig, vanilla blossom and coconut pulp

Heart notes: almond, tonka beans, milky accords and coconut powder

Base: fig leaves, sugar, coconut milk and Madagascar vanilla

Coco Figue appiared to have more coconuts then figs. Very creamy and yummy but I expected more figs and recently I am really obsessed with notes of fig trees, leaves and fruits so what do I do? I just layer CF with Premier Figuier by L’Artisan Parfumeur and get my perfect coconut-fig scent. Overall, this one was a success.


Aqua Motu has a nice marine composition imitating smell of a tropical ocean beach:

Top note: immortelle

Heart: marine accord, lily-of-the-valley and sand

Base: sea grass

Can’t say it is an immortal masterpiece but I like it and it’s a lovely match for an aquatic part of my perfume collection.

Unfortunatelly, can’t say the same about two others

There were also Aloha Tiare Eau de Toilette and Eau des Lagons on my to-try list so I added them to my order expecting sweet tiare from one and one more nice aquatic scent from another.


Just look at this promissimg accord:

Aloha Tiare:

Top: frangipani

Heart: tiare, ylang-ylang.

Base: monoi, coconut, benzoin, vanilla, musk


Eau des Lagons:

Top: cactus sap, cumbava zest

Heart: cyclamen, white lotus, white peony

Base: floated wood, salt flower, amber, crystal musk

I was so excited! Imagine cactus and wet wood notes in one perfume!

But the reality hurts.

Aloha Tiare really smells tiare… artificial tiare fragrance like in scented coconut butter which you can buy at any souvenire shop while travelling Pacific Islands. No, to be honest, the coconut butter smells more natural. Eau des Lagones smells fresh citrus male fragrance like some quintessence of all fresh citrus male fragrances in the world. I’m so disapointed!

Can they be fake? That is still a question for me because all trusted sellers either don’t have those two perfumes in stock or don’t ship to my country. Well, bad experience is still experience…




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