Rakino Weekend by Juliana Parfums Co.: spice and the sea

Another summer fragrance by Juliana Perfums Co. (although, it’s stated JVKMen on a bottle and the website, I tried to research who or what is JVKMen but still get no success). Fine and stylish example of independent perfumery.


The accord written at the card is:

Top notes of green accord, grass, paper and pepper
Middle notes of seaweed, sea spray, gin, cucumber and cologne (who can tell me what is cologne note?)
Base notes of amber, sandalwood, leather, marine accords and cologne


Looked like Weekend supposed to be a masculine perfume or at list masculine unisex but in real it is a definite unisex, with no gender stereotypes at all. It’s warm, spicy (this beautiful pepper note in perfumery –hello, Comme des Garcons), and fresh and aquatic at the same time. And again – it smells New Zealand summer. By the sea.


(Sorry, I’ve never been at Rakino island so I use Devonport photo instead. It has nothing to do with Rakino but it looks summer enough)

As it’s mentioned at Juliana’s website, they were dreaming up names and scent from adventures. Well, I wore Rakino Weekend riding scooter on the winding roads of Waiheke and after bodyboarding at West Coast beaches and that was adventurous enough. Long-lasting (around 8 hours), smooth but large sillage, overall, one of my best discoveries in perfumery. Lucky me, I’m in NZ =)


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