Waiheke Dreams by Juliana Parfums Co.

‘Cause there ain’t no party like a New Zealand party

In the summertime…


It’s time for this scent, it’s the right time for this beautiful perfume, our summertime is almost over and we have to catch the days of the sun, sweet fruits and sea breeze in the air. Maybe Waiheke Dreams is not the most summer perfume in my collection but it definitely is the most New Zealand one.


Lucky me, I’ve got my two samples of Waiheke Dreams (plus one Rakino weekend) for only 10 NZD (pretty much cheaper than taking a ferry to Waiheke). And a Christmas post card. That was really nice. So, reading these really rich accords I expected something extremely sweet.

Just look at this:

Top notes: of hokey pokey, praline, pina colada, New Zealand summer fruits, cherries, strawberry, apples
Heart Notes: of vanilla and coconut, candy bonbon
Base notes of Amber, marine accords, seagrass


Now imagine my surprise when I opened a vial and found a balanced, complex and mature fragrance made of fruity, floral and vanilla notes on an aquatic and amber base. It is strong and long-lasting, with a heavy sillage so once my friend told me she smelled marshmallows and magnolia before I even came up. ‘There is something in the air,’ she said. ‘Ice-cream? Or is that your perfume?’


This is one of the few perfumes I’d love to have a full-size in my collection because the vial has almost gone. I need to save some to go to Waiheke Island before the summer end. It only takes 20 minutes from Auckland CBD, perhaps I will even be able to see the dolphins from the ferry boat. I will put on a floral dress, scent myself, hire a scooter and ride between the vineyards. That is my personal Waiheke dream.

It’s such a shame that nobody outside New Zealand knows about this beautiful thing. They can be unaware of what Waiheke Island is but all the perfumistas in the world must know about Waiheke Dreams by Juliana Parfums Co. By the way, Juliana’s Instagram is awesome and her products (which are not limited with perfumes) are totally ethical, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Also, check her on facebook: her perfumes might be shipped internationally 😉


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