Lady Danger by MAC: SOTD for this Valentine’s Day

They are finally here in Auckland!


Actually, MAC perfumes were promised to arrive around the beginning of 2017 but I found them only yesterday. 6 bright square bottles. While tasting at the MAC’s corner I found 4 of them the most interesting and noteworthy and those girls from the MAC’s store were so kind to provide me samples. Well, my choice for Valentine’s day romantic breakfast was Lady Danger for its sweetness and woodiness.


It starts with strong, really strong woody notes. There is even some oud. A hint of sweet cherry gets through these woods, looks like this Cherry Orchard is being cut down already. Then the scent goes sweet and turns to a vigorous floral-fruity and still slightly woody fragrance. Quite a long silage btw. After 5-6 hours of wearing the perfume smells like a cherry-flavoured candy, although still nothing childish. Not really for a femme fatale type as I thought first basing on the perfume’s name but fits a romantic date occasion pretty well.

After all, MAC Shadescents perfumes surprised me with their diverse and nontrivial scents. Gonna try all of these cuties!

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