Velvet Orchid Lumiere by Tom Ford: more floral olfactive heaven

I am a big fan of Velvet Orchid 2014 (and gonna have one soon) and I admire the original Black Orchid 2006 (though I love it in the distance because it’s a bit too much for me, it can literally knock you down). Somehow I found out that there is one more Tom Ford’s Orchid only last week – and of course I couldn’t miss it, I had to try the new Velvet Orchid Lumiere.


The new Orchid came out in November 2016 and there is no word ‘Lumiere’ on a bottle but the flacon itself is more velvety to the touch than Velvet Orchid’s one. I only could find the full name on the bottom of the flacon.


Velvet Orchid Lumiere smells close to its Velvet forerunner but starts with a strong citrus note tinted with rum and honey and these citruses last and last through the floral base until only the powerful and very long-lasting sandalwood-vanilla base stays. Overall, 8 hours on the wrist and almost immortal on the sleeve. I say ‘maybe’. I like it but need more tries to decide if I really want to have it.


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