Traversee du Bosphore by L’Artisan Parfumeur: my first perfumery cognitive dissonance


That was my first blind order by notes and reviews, totally gourmad, full of sweets, candies and desserts. ‘Crossing the Bosphorus’ sounded very promising and I imagined the oriental scent which would wake up my memories about Istanbul.


Oh, yes, Istanbul is one of the best cities on the planet. At least, I could keep returning there again and again forever. My memories smell black tea in a small bardak glass, chilling breeze over the Golden Horn inlet, hot simit bagels on a street merchant’s trolley at the waterfront and a mixture of Turkish delight, tea and spice at the Egyptian Bazaar.



Honestly, that is what I expected from Traversee du Bosphore. Then my decant arrived and what I’ve really got is totally different.


It doesn’t smell Istanbul neither Bosphorus or travels. It smells sugar and a chic lipstick instead. Really I don’t mind a lipstick fragrance, I have a list of perfumes with notes imitating lipstick, so Traversee bu Bosphore has become the first.

The top notes are apple and pomegranate, the heart is leather, tulip and saffron and Turkish delight represented by rose, sugar and pistachios is in the base.

I hoped I will be able to smell Turkish delight notes but I don’t. Actually, two other loukoum perfumes in my collection, Loukhoum Eau Poudree by Keiko Mecheri and Rahat Loukoum by Serge Lutens, neither have the exact Turkish delight notes. At least I don’t smell them. Too bad.


Or probably I just don’t get the name’s philosophical connotations and ‘Crossing the Bosphorus’ refers to connections between Europe and Asia, their unity and diversity? If so then the scent could be more oriental while it’s totally western for me. The smell of the expensive cosmetics shop, not even a gourmand.

Anyway, I still appreciate Traversee du Bosphore as it’s sweet but not syrupy, cosmetic but not chemical. I enjoy wearing it, although I still hope to find my REAL Istanbul perfume one day.




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