Snowberry New Radiance Face Serum: review

Snowberry is one of the most interesting New Zealand cosmetic brands, fine ingredients using, eco-friendly, sophisticated and so on. Honestly, I totally support these ideas so I couldn’t wait to try their trending New Radiance Serum (most of my friends already had).


Snowberry New Radiance Face Serum promises absolutely revolutionary age-defence action thanks to ‘copper peptides’ which sometimes are reported to be more effective than retinoids. The producer describes Cu-PEP™ (Copper Tripeptide-1) as a ‘skin remodelling peptide’ which stimulates collagen production, heals, reduces inflammation, and activates skin immune and antioxidant systems.

Ingredients as they are shown on the box:

Aqua (Demineralised), Sodium hyaluronate, Sodium Lactate, Dehydroacetic Acid & Benzyl Alcohol & Water, Carrageenan, Xanthan gum, Gardenia Fruit Extract & Maltodextrin, Glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine-Cu2+ (Copper peptide), Parfum.

As we can see, the list is quite laconic. There are some ingredients I wanted to be aware of, like Benzyl Alcohol (potential allergen and irritant, although its usage and concentrations in cosmetics are regulated by the International Fragrance Association), or Carrageenan which is potentially comedogenic. Overall, the ingredients list looks rather attractive and working.

The instruction recommends to spread the serum finely over the face and wait for 5 min before applying the next step of the face care routine. The serum is a transparent watery substance with a very mild smell, a little bit sticky after the application, after 5 min I feel my skin slightly tighten. Although the moisturising effect of the serum is claimed, my skin needs a stronger moisturiser than I normally use.

Well, I didn’t expect any wonders. After 3 months of using the New Radiance serum, I can notice that my skin looks toned up, the skin tone looks brighter. Maybe some fine lines have been reduced but my main problem with the lines remains (honestly, I don’t believe in a possibility of elimination of the lines in nasolabial folds at my 35). I needed a light serum with antioxidant defence suitable to high UV levels, so I think Snowberry New Radiance Face Serum is exactly what I have been looking for.



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